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Collection of the Library
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Uzo Nishiyama Memorial Library was established on November 1997 for promotion of studies and researches in the fields related to architecture, housing policy, housing planning and city planning and to preserve huge number of books and valuable materials collected by Dr.Nishiyama who had led the academic society of architecture and comprehensive urban studies in Japan. It is approved as a Non-profit Organization by Governor of Kyoto Prefecture. Dr. Nishiyama had worked as a Professor of Kyoto University in Japan for more than a quarter of a century and produced many distinguished researchers in his fields. This library possesses various materials not only about architecture, housing planning and city planning but also social sciences such as community development and human settlement. Individual records such as sketch books, illustrations and diaries as well are in safekeeping by the secretariats. Reports and field notes at various investigations actually done by Dr. Nishiyama and his students are also thought to be valuable for studies on history of modern planning. About books and reports, we are expanding it by donation from researchers following Dr. Nishiyama furthermore. In this decade, we annually keep implementing a joint summer school with many universities not only from Japan but also foreign countries. Materials can be opened for members of the library, but please ask the details of use in addition to above to the library secretariat because some materials are closed during rearranging work for the time being. It is our pleasure for you to visit our web-site and search materials by some key words, though it may be available only in Japanese.


Types of Collecter Materials
A) Books, Reports, Magazines, Various Academic Magazines related to Housing and City Planning from the Pre-war Time to the Present

B) Materials of Government Councils or Academic Institutes Dr. Nishiyama was related to

C) Investigation Studies, Planning Design by Dr. Nishiyama, Resumes of Dr. Nishiyama's Students and Collegues in his laboratory, Dr. Nishiyama's Seminar Record

D) Drafts of Books, Articles, Sketches and Manuscripts, Memo, Writing References

E) Slide Films, Photographs (mostly scanned as electronic files)

F) Trip Notebooks, Lecture Notebooks and Learning Notebooks

G) Individual Records (Letters, Business Cards, Diaries etc.)


Improvement Idea for Better Living, Woman Theory, Woman Problem, Economics, Sociology, Artistic Discussion, Technology Theory, Citizens' Movements in Kyoto

Preservation Plan for Historical Areas, Regional Plans, National Land Plan, City Planning, Community Development, Housing Plan, Design of Houses, Theory for Pre-war City Planning, Local Governments' City Planning Investigation during the World War II, Dojunkai, Housing Corporation or Housing and Urban Development Corporation Investigation Reports,

Regional Development, National Trust's Investigations, Magazines before and after War about Housing, Social Policy Investigations, Meeting of Farm Villages Buildings, Sight-seeing Planning

Investigation Studies etc.
Farm House Investigation in Pre-war Time, Investigation of Living Way in People's Common Housing, Kyoto Plan in 1964, Nara Plan in 1965, Japan for the 21st century, House Investigation after 1950

Indivisual Records of Dr. Nishiyama
Lecture Notebook 1951-71, DEZAM Studies, Lecture Learning Notes during a Student of Kyoto University, Diaries, Journals (1923-1994), Collections of Data Notebook, Manuscripts before Publish, Memo, Architectural Design Esquisse, Original Drawings, Letters, Postcards, Sketches, Illustrations

Slide Films and Photographs
Record of Hundreds of Thousands of Slides from 1935 to the mid 90's, Fields Surveys related to Housing and Environment. 100,000 pieces of image data was already scanned as electronic files.



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