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Library's Activities




1. Collection, Rearrangement, and  Exhibition of Materials as "a Library"
A main purpose of our library is the contributtion to the study of  human settlement and community development directed toward the human and ecological world. For this purpose, we keep collecting, rearranging,  making public the various materials about the human settlement and community development studies. We are making the Database of the collected materials, and hold temporary and permanent exihibition in our exhibition room.
2. Studies and Sminars
Sminars and symposiums collaborated with various organizations are held at the Sekisui R&D Institute in Kyoto or Osaka.

3. Summer Schools

Weannually hold a summer school at various sites not only in Japan but also in foreign countries. A hundreds of students and many professors from the west and east in Japan join the school .

4. Consultations
We select the expert who is fit for a theme of each from the inside of a member of main meeting and meet the consultation and training of every kind in order to collaborate in according to a citizen, a business, technical consultation about a settlement / a community development from self-governing bodies and the training.

5. Publications

We organize a purpose and a meeting for the study to do by publication in order to publish study result about a settlement / a community development. We push forward editing work mainly on the house corporation materials which is existence of the best of concerned in Dr.Nishiyama's materials and we reproduce photographs taken by him and publish it.

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