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HOW to be a member of the Library is :
Please send your message by e-mail, telephone or fax with Full name, Postal Address, Zip Code, Phone Number to the following secretariat at next page. We send you a guidance and fee transfer paper soon.

A postal transfer 00960-6 -136337 (for Domestic Use Only)

Annual Membership Fee for an Individual 3,500 JPY
10,000 JPY as for Three Years in case of Advance Payment

Annual Membership Fee for a juridical person 10,000 JPY
25,000 JPY as for Three Years in case of Advance Payment


Uzo Nishiyama Memorial Library
Previous contact before visit is appreciated.
Open Hours 13:00-17:00 ( Thu. Fri. Sat.)
(will be Closed on National Holidays)
TEL&FAX +81-774-73-5701
Address: c/o Sekisui House Ltd. Comprehensive Housing R&D Institute
6-6-1, Kabutodai, Kizugawa City, Kyoto 619-0224
E-mail : npo@n-bunko.org

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